How studying abroad led me to join a startup

It was a surreal moment when I initially walked out of the regional airport and saw the land that would be my home for the next six months. Fear and excitement mixed. I realized I was almost completely on my own now and for the foreseeable future. Recently, the same moment happened as I decided upon my post-graduation fate — joining a high-potential startup.


This moment made me realize that the path I had followed so far in life and throughout my college career had led me to this exact spot. Other than my natural wanderlust, the need for a challenge pushed me to take the leap across the Atlantic. While my University made things as streamlined as possible for me, it’s no simple task to startup a new life in the Old World.

These are the kind of experiences that make great stories to tell your great-grandchildren one day. I remember this one time when I ended up in a train station at 1am in the morning with no way to get to the airport. We ended up walking across the city to reach the airport. Sometimes brute force strategies and pure hustle (as in hustling to the airport so you don’t get jumped) works. You should look forward to more blog posts about all of the funny and sometimes embarrassing stories that I have.

My choice of joining Bric, a startup focused on software to let design and development firms get the most out of their projects, was the same feeling that made me choose to study abroad. The simple option was to take a cozy job where tasks were much more structured and the pay was consistent. But alas. Here I am in the crazy world that is entrepreneurship.

Basically, if I survived living in another country, I can help build a company and product. So here’s to the little quarks in life that lead us in new directions.

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